12 Easy Space-Maximising Storage Tips and Hacks

Is it not interesting that we always seem to run out of space in our houses; the house may be big but sooner or later there seems not to be enough space for everything we have! The truth is that we have a lot of un-utilised space in our homes; with a little help and ingenious design ideas you can create so much space by maximising storage.

Relax! I know you are probably thinking of the potential costs and expenses. The exciting bit about creating space by maximising storage is that it is not expensive to accomplish - it is nowhere near what a home renovation or extension would cost you. It is amazing how much space you will create by taking a simple step as doing away with things that you do not use or need. We shall take you through simple do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas and tips that will definitely get you more room space.

Maximising storage for space is all about improving how you utilise space in your home, getting better organised and maintaining a system in your home that will ensure that the space you have remains available for use and is well occupied. At the same time, functionality should be at the core of storage maximising ideas and solutions; you want to create more storage space within limited space.

The following are tips and hacks for storage and more space in your home:

  • 1. Declutter your home
    This is the easiest thing to do, and we recommend you start with. Most of the space in our homes is eaten up by things that we do not really need or use; you bought a treadmill before you subscribed to the local gym, so you have it lying in a corner somewhere in the house, your children’s old clothes stacked in boxes or cases. If you have something you have not used for over 6 months to a year- organise a yard sale and sell it off, and for those that are not sellable, put them in the trash bin. You will be amazed at how much space you will have open up.
  • 2. Double decker and platform
    This is an affordable and easy way of opening up the children’s quarters; instead of having a chest of drawers, opt for a platform bed with drawers for clothes and other items. Double decker beds have the advantage of occupying space vertically thus leaving more space for other things. For functionality, these are the kind of furniture you want to have because you get more uses from an item; the platform bed, for example, will be slept on, and the drawers will store clothes, toys, books etc.
  • 3. Shoe organizers
    This is the item you want for organising and storing shoes, it occupies less space yet holds more. It can even be used for storage in other areas in the house; mobile phones, remotes, keys, chargers etc.
  • 4. Space under the sinks
    Have you ever taken the time to assess the space lying fallow under your sinks? Spaces under the sink hold a huge potential of storage possibilities; build cabinets under the restroom sinks for storing toiletries and kitchenware or cleaning items in the kitchen.
  • 5. Floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets and cupboards
    The best form of cabinets especially for the living areas is floor-to-ceiling cabinets which take up all the space unlike traditional bookshelves and dish cabinets which leave an allowance at the top. That extra space filled by the tall cabinets will result in extra storage space.
  • 6. Create more storage space in your closet or wardrobe
    There is so much space that is not used in closets; create more space by lowering the hanging rod and adding an extra shelf to store more clothes. Do the same for the bottom of the closet, that space between your hang clothes and the floor can be useful if converted for storage if drawers or storage bins are added.
  • 7. Storage bins
    You probably have these already; clear plastic bins are the best as they allow you to see inside the container more easily. Add these to spaces left in closets and cabinets to create more space and allow for more storage. The plastic containers should be well labelled to indicate content on the lid or the side facing you.
  • 8. Kitchen shelves and cabinets
    Adding more cabinets to the open kitchen walls is a good way of creating more storage space; in cabinets where there seems to be wastage, re-do the shelves by adjusting and adding an extra one if possible. Add more shelves in your pantry and use sliding doors instead of ones that open outwards.
  • 9. Garage space
    Probably one of the places that have the most wasted storage space; your garage can be turned to accommodate a home office or even recreational area, especially if you do not park your car inside. Create more space by fabricating an elevated loft in the garage; the space on tops can make a great office or study or play and rest area.
  • 10. Under the staircase
    I have been to houses where the space under the staircase has been converted into a pantry and toilet. There are so many things that you can do with this space, depending on your needs, you can convert it into a pantry, shoes closet etc. What is certain- there is so much space under there waiting for you to make use of.
  • 11. Custom closets or wardrobes
    How about customising your closets to store more? There are so many new and trendy solutions that will free up so much space and offer maximum storage such as one with a laundry sorter or baskets, storage shelves to keep your closet organised and taking in more.
  • 12. Hidden or secret storage compartments
    Build storage compartments into your floors to give you more space to store your stuff; have a floor compartment in your bedroom for your valuables, a storage compartment in your kitchen for the deep freezer or other things, in the garage walls and floors for tools and other stores etc.

These are just but a few of the tips and hacks that should help you create more space and maximise for storage, to leave your house neat and well organised. Find more innovative ways that can create for you more space for storage in your home; if you need help or more innovative insights, free DIY guides or even professional advice to reclaim space please email info@jaribuildingdesign.com.au